By Kathryn Lynden | Travelog

I recently have discovered the beauty of weekend get-aways.  I pack up my bag on Friday night and leave town for just a few days.  I come back to work on Monday full of stories and refreshed from getting out of the normal weekend routine.  Okay, I will admit, I am a little tired…but it is worth it!

By doing these weekend trips, I am finally crossing off some of the items on my bucket list. Take a look.

Riding a mechanical bull

I actually did it!  As the professional bull rider hoisted me up onto the bull he was rattling off a myriad of tips with the final one being “If you put your legs around it’s neck… you might stay on longer.”  So, I wrapped my legs around it’s neck, put one hand over my head… and….. well…. by 30 seconds in, I was hugging that bull with every single thing I possibly could and by 45 seconds my head whipped around so fast, my entire body flew off!  Once I realized I was still in one piece – I got up – brushed myself off and made a decision that that was a once in a lifetime activity!

Experiencing the Indy 500 Time Trials

So, I am not a Nascar gal.  In fact, I could not name any of the famous drivers except Andretti. But, it was on my list.  I ended up at the Indy 500 Time Trials one week before the actual race.  What was so great about going to the Trials is that it was not crowded.  I was able to get really close the race cars and chat with the pit crews!  I changed locations in the stadium at least 5 times and I bought the obligatory Indy 500 shirt that you end up wearing as pajamas!  I could not believe how many international drivers there were, and to my surprise – 3 women – my favorite was Ana, from Brazil, driving her very cute blue and yellow car.  The day ended with dancing to a band called the Mummies, imagine it – mummy wrapped horn players, drummers and lead singers…crazy, but very fun!

Hiking in the Poconos

What?  The Poconos?  I never dreamt of going to the Poconos, but between the cascading waterfalls, the well-groomed hiking trails and the “Tickle My Pig” BBQ shack, this part of the United States makes for a delightful weekend trip.   So, I added it to my bucket list and was able to immediately cross it off with delight!

So, what is on your bucket list?  Could we help facilitate any of your dreams in our beautiful homes?

  • Girls shopping trip to Paris
  • Hand gliding off a mountain top
  • Hiking the Redwoods
  • Culinary classes in Italy
  • Discovering the Sonoma Wineries
  • Jet skiing on a mountain lake

With Summer coming  — just leave town for a few days. You won’t regret it!

Happy travels — Kathryn