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Your Vacation needs to be a Vacation!

We have heard in the past, all too often from the new members to our property management service that when they came out to their vacation home they spend all their time fixing, arguing, and stressing over what isn’t working right in their home.

In order to secure your rest and relaxation during your escape we adhere to a strict quality control program.  We have the ability to customize your home maintenance plan around your needs, setting manageable goals, so we can always see them through to completion.

Property Management Services

Professional Housekeeping on Request

We clean, disinfect, kill mold, and remove allergens to improve your indoor air quality.

Maintenance Department

The engineer is here to answer all your questions and keep your home running at platinum level. They produce a detailed report for our phone review.  On a room by room basis we go over what should be fixed, replaced, touched up, or improved.  Provided with pictures, estimated costs, and a project time line. The main goals of our engineer is to protect and grow the value of your home away from home. With the additional benefit of saving you money by reducing outside vendor service calls to plumbers, electricians, painters, and general handyman.

You will breathe easy knowing you joined a team of dedicated home care experts.  Property managers who keep your home safe while handing the day to day activities necessary to keep a mountain home in top working order.  When the needs of your home are beyond the scope of our cleaning and maintenance team we link up with the top leaders in the cleaning industry like Aladdin Cleaning and Restoration, the Scarab, and Apex Appliance to get the job done right the first time.  Joining our team is the first step in securing your rest and relaxation during your next escape to Beaver Creek.

Owner and Guest Services

We offer complementary travel assistance that falls somewhere between a Concierge and a Personal Butler.  We prepare your home for your arrival just as if you never left.  Stocking your favorite foods, beverages, flowers, and any other requests  prior to your arrival.  The service team will save you time and allow you to relax knowing everything has been taken care of.  Most of all our 24 hr. Emergency on-call service means we are just a call away when you need us the most.  Plus we promise to return your phone calls in a professional and timely manner and always following through with what we have said we will do.

Call us today to see how we can take a vacation home and make it your dream come true!

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Lucero Dias

Lucero Dias

Housekeeping Lead

Lucero is from Mexico immigrating to the United States of America in 2002.  She is married to her loving husband Jose and together they have two beautiful children Jose Jr. and Maria.  Over the years Lucero has built a strong team around her to undertake the major responsibilities associated with providing a clean dust free environment for all our guests. The best news is the entire team speaks, writes, and reads perfect English so please feel free to pass your daily requests directly on to them, or simply leave a note and your instructions will be followed according to your wishes.

James Dixon

James Dixon

Engineering & Maintenance Lead

James is from the great state of Florida coming to the valley in 2002 to work with Vail Resorts in their maintenance department. Over the years James has built a home remodeling business for himself that is in full swing during our spring & fall off seasons. The beautiful craftsmanship you see throughout our homes is attributed to James’s hard work and close eye for the smallest details. James and his team are responsible for the functionality of every home and it is their daily goal to provide a perfectly working home.

Greg Barth

Greg Barth

Member & Guest Service Head

Greg graduated from the University of Vermont in 2003. After college he joined Merrill Lynch as a Financial Advisor specializing in high net worth individuals. After three years Greg relocated to Vail, Colorado in the winter of 2005 from Summit, New Jersey. Upon arriving in Vail Greg worked with the Game Creek Club Sales Department. In Summer of 2006 Greg joined the Lodge at Vail where he mastered the art of being a concierge. In the summer of 2007 Greg joined the One Willow Bridge Road team for their grand opening before moving to private home management with Elevation Accommodations.