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Get lost in the spirit of the season with Beaver Creek Extraordinaire presents Cheer, bringing the sparkle to Your Holiday Season!

At 4:00 pm during December 21st –January 5th all your senses will be delighted with experiences that draw out the most idyllic sentiments of the holiday season. Take in a movie or a lively reading of a classic tale as you snuggle under a fuzzy blanket near the fire. Marvel at glistening ice sculptures and illuminate the night with a sparkler parade. Beaver Creek’s elegant, yet warm, atmosphere creates a perfect setting for singular experiences and unexpected details that will make for a holiday season your family will never forget. This event is complimentary for all!

1). December 21, 28 and January 4 is all about SOUNDS: Music will come to life with Sounds of the Season with carolers, quartets and crooners! Experience a variety of music and the times that inspired them.

2). December 22, 29 and January 5 is a HOLIDAY MOVIE: Get cozy with a blanket and some snacks for your “ski in” movie screening in the heart of the Beaver Creek village.

3). December 23 and 30 is ILLUMINATE time: Experience the glow of the Beaver Creek village as you never have before. Grab a sparkler and don’t forget to make a wish at the wishing ceremony to conclude the night.

4). December 24, 31 and January 3 is FIRESIDE STORIES: Stories Gather around the fire for a reading of some of your favorite classic stories. Keep an eye out, you might just be surprised to see some of the characters join the festivities in the village.

5). December 26 and January 2 is a time for SNOW CREATIONS: Watch snow and ice designs come to life or make a snow angel in the park. Don’t forget to take a picture before they melt.

6). December 27 and January 1 is all about the FLAVORS: Celebrate the tastes that make this season so magical. Savor the smells, learn the history and try a treat.

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