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Mad, Mad, Madeline

By Bill Bisanz | Apostle Islands She’s beautiful, mysterious, and elusive. And she would drive most mad if you had to live with her year-round. Madeline Island, the largest and only permanently inhabited of the Apostle islands is a 13-mile island set off the Bayfield peninsula on Lake Superior. My first visit was nearly 10-years [...]

2012-10-12T17:20:02+00:00October 12th, 2012|Apostle Islands, Travelog|

Setting Sail

By Edward Hoiland | Apostle Islands It only takes one good trip to catch the travel bug and once you got it there’s no stopping it! I caught the bug while sailing around the Apostle Islands in Lake Superior. The fresh air, crystal-clear water and the gentle rocking of the boat captured my heart and [...]

2011-12-21T17:21:47+00:00December 21st, 2011|Apostle Islands, Travelog|
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